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Welcome To My Blog !

I want to officially welcome everyone to the Urban Alchemist Blog center. I've been listening to your feedback from my various social media platforms and I've been thinking about different ways to give more and to create a community where we have resources and tools that can be shared with others and open dialogue to discuss uncomfortable topics to help foster growth and healing. Most of you have found me from my social media platforms

(Instagram, Facebook) have mentioned that you don't notice the readings being posted or my video discussion posts anymore or have asked very specific questions on how to book readings with me, where to start with your spiritual journey and how to navigate the ever-changing energy from a day to day basis, etc and this would be the reason why. I'm sure you all can feel the energy of those platforms shifting a bit and I have made the decision to transition my content to a more intimate space. A space where I can give more freely and not have to worry about algorithms, social media status, the following count, and all the other seemingly unimportant things that social media brings about. My goal here is a more personal approach while having uncomfortable dialogue and tying everything back to the shop and showing you how the products and the daily experience that you have go hand in hand. We have some big things coming up in the forthcoming months and years and its best that we

truly hone in on working with the planetary energy that surrounds us as well as being more disciplined with our spiritual practices (this includes me too) in an effort to keep our vibrational frequency high and to not be boggled b the chaos that surrounds us. My goal is to also eliminate a lot of the negative stigma surrounding spirituality and working with the astrological energy that surrounds us because I am a firm believer that it is all for the greater good of ourselves and it is meant to help bring us back in harmony with who we are supposed to truly be.

The blog post center will include video discussion posts, my monthly energy forecast readings, astrology transit updates, monthly book recommendations for my fellow readers out there, more in depth content on the the items in the shop and how shopping with intention is key , basic spiritual principles that I have implemented in my daily routines, and other spiritual tea for you all to share! I'm so excited for you all to experience next phase of

the Urban Alchemist Brand there is still so much in store for you all that I'm going to share but in due time of course and as always your support is greatly appreciated and don't forget to tell a friend! Everyone always asks where they can send gifts and how they can help and honestly word of mouth is the true golden ticket. Share with a friend or family member or someone you feel could benefit from this information and from the shop itself, its essentially the gift that keeps on giving! I'm excited that you all are here and it means a lot to be doing this work and sharing my gifts with the world.



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