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New Moon in Cancer, June 28, 2022

Happy New Moon In Cancer and Welcome to Cancer Season!

New moons mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The moon cycle spans over a course of 30 days, thus gifting us with both a new moon and a full moon. New moons are a beautiful reminder of fresh starts and allow us to see that you truly can start over as long as you are committed to changing! With the moon representing “the mother” archetype, moon cycles call for a period of rest, reflection, and nurturing parts of ourselves to bring us back in harmony with whom we are truly meant to be. New moons are an opportunity to set new intentions for the month ahead to help align you on your path. Remember you co-create with God and the universe to bring forth the life that is meant for you but remember the universe responds best to clarity and intention is key!!

Represented by the element water, cancer is the natural ruler of emotions and nurturing. Cancer calls for us to consider our relationship with our paternal mothers and in return analyze our relationship with ourselves and how we nurture and show up for others. Though a creature of the sea, cancer (represented by the crab), is both a dweller of the sea as well as land. They have a healthy balance of both which is essential to their survival. Cancer is a naturally intuitive cardinal sign. Cardinal energy carries the momentum of moving forward and carries the title of the “leader” of the pack. Cancers lead from the front with a healthy balance of their intuition and feelings and with a level of emotional intelligence that allows them to make decisions that are for the betterment of everyone involved including themselves as well.

With the new moon in cancer being in the energy of its ruling planet this is a beautiful time to really dig deep and invest in our emotional selves and to use our intuition to fuel our path moving forward. Be honest with yourself about how you truly feel, and learn to connect with your emotional self. Don’t be afraid to address the root cause of your issues during this time. Prosperity lies ahead but only through honesty, trust, transparency, and healing first. Do we trust our intuition to help guide us to move forward? Cancer season is a time when we are called to question our relationship with our inner child, shadow work, family structures, our relationship with our maternal mother, and how that relationship affects us in our present moment, overall the energy of cancer season is a time of healing and nurturing and calls for us to strengthen our emotional awareness. If you find yourself a bit out of touch with your emotions or afraid of expressing yourself with others let this be your opportunity to Set your intentions on opening your heart space up a bit more. An open heart fuels a healthy intuition. Use this time to connect rather than to retreat. Healing doesn’t hurt but it does cause moments of uncomfortability and surrender. Let this new moon be a beautiful opportunity for you to surrender to the powers of your heart.

Questions to consider:

  • What does an open heart look and feel like for you?

  • What intentions are you setting for opening up your heart space?

  • What is your relationship like with your family and how has that relationship impacted your ability to give and receive love?

  • What does emotional intelligence mean to you?

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Happy Manifesting Everyone!

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