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Mercury Retrograde 2022

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: December 29, 2022 - January 18, 2023

Quick Mercury Facts:

Typically Associated with Gemini and Virgo

Represents: Speech, Writing, Technology, Verbal / Non-Verbal Communication,

Transit Time : 3-4 Weeks

So I know its a lot of information going around about mercury retrogrades, and the retrograde season has become quite popularized but here I will do my best to break down exactly what a retrograde is and how you can use its energy to help propel you forward. I want to start this by saying that retrogrades and any other planetary alignments should not be perceived as negative or positive. everything that we experience, from an astrological standpoint, is meant to position us on our rightful paths. With that being said let's break down what a mercury retrograde actually is...

As we discussed earlier, Mercury is our own personal “messenger” describing how we learn and perceive, and then how we communicate to others our knowledge and perceptions of the world around us. An example of how the planet mercury operates would be whenever you open your mouth to talk, or when you write something - an email, text, etc - or even if you just simply think or listen to someone you're using the energy of the planet Mercury. Again, it is the planet associated with the mind and guides how you talk, writes, express yourself, and take in information. In short, Mercury encompasses your entire intellectual process. When we hear the term "retrograde" it essentially is moving in the opposite direction of its normal trajectory. So when we hear the word retrograde it essentially means that the planet is moving "backward" in motion. Mercury is not the only planet that goes into retrograde, however, because of the negativity that generally surrounds it, it, unfortunately, is one of the only planetary retrogrades that is covered across the media.

I want to also set the stage here by dispelling the myth that a retrograde is "bad" or that it only brings chaos and destruction to our lives during that time. If you tend to miscommunicate, mess up your travel plans, forget to charge your devices before you leave the house, and mistakingly delete important things, chances are you'll continue to do while the retrograde is in retrograde or not. Mercury is not to blame for what we would do even if the planet wasn’t retrograde. The truth here is that things do go wrong when Mercury is in retrograde, but there is also the truth that things force us to slow down and reflect to help propel us forward during this time.

So typically during a mercury retrograde season, we have a few things to help us prepare for its arrival and its departure. The period just before mercury goes retrograde and after it goes “direct” are known as the shadow phase. Typically any cycle in astrology is extremely powerful and During this time we can expect to feel the effects of Mercury being in retrograde even more. These shadow phases serve as a reminder that the effects of Mercury retrograde go on for much longer than the time it’s actually in retrograde.

Pre-Shadow Phase:

The pre-shadow phase before mercury goes retrograde allows us to prepare for its effects. During this pre-shadow phase, it isn’t an ideal time to make any rash decisions to get it out of the way before Mercury retrograde’s arrival, it is however a good time to be as flexible as you can during this time. Mercury highlights where we have the most resistance in our lives and essentially extends us an invitation to release the resistance we carry to help clear the path for us to start with a clean slate.

Post-Shadow Phase:

The post-shadow phase, which typically occurs after the retrograde period, allows us to process its effects. During this time it is a good idea to tread with caution and wait before putting any new plans into action. Patience is highly recommended during this time! I know we tend to get extremely anxious and ready to start new things and enter into a new chapter but reflection is oftentimes necessary before moving forward and mercury retrograde is a reminder of making intentional moments to slow down and assess the damage before moving forward.

Common effects that we can experience during a Mercury Retrograde:

  • Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, computers, televisions, etc.) that were in perfect shape before the retrograde period suddenly breaking down.

  • Computers crash and you mistakenly lose all of your work.

  • Documents don’t reach the intended recipient, or your phone call or text messages go unanswered.

  • Your flight gets delayed or your luggage could potentially go missing.

  • Arguments with family members, friends, or loved ones.

  • Heavy traffic jams/ traffic accidents.

  • Past friends, lovers, or family members reaching out looking to reconcile.

Make no mistake though, Mercury retrogrades aren’t all bad. Mercury retrogrades can also be used very consciously if we are intentional about allowing them to do so. During this time it’s best to not assume everything will go wrong. Remember what we think we ultimately manifest in our present reality. If you believe things will work out in your favor and that all things are working for your greatest good then chances are you will come out of it much stronger than you were prior to its arrival. Mercury retrograde brings about old issues to the surface so that we can use it as an opportunity to tidy up anything that we may have left unresolved in the past. Look at Mercury retrograde as a long overdue spring cleaning. Ultimately Mercury retrograde is an invitation for us to get clear and to get organized for what’s to come in.

Now that we have the basics down about what a retrograde is I will now break down what this upcoming Mercury retrograde in Capricorn means for us from an astrological viewpoint and some things that we can expect during this time.

When Mercury is in an earth sign, the energy tends to feel a bit more serious yet down to earth at the same time. Earth signs are extremely practical and remind us of the simplicity that’s often required to lead a fulfilling life. During this time it’s time to reconnect with Mother Earth and get grounded in our reality and our execution of things. Practical matters are likely to be on your mind during this time as Mercury being in an earth sign is a time for us to review the basics. If in any areas of your life you could benefit from being more organized, grounded, and having a solid foundation that you work with, that is likely to become very clear during this time. In a typical Mercury retrograde fashion, once you’re more organized, it becomes a lot easier to be more spontaneous and enjoy the fun things in life. When Mercury is retrograde in an earth sign, pay attention to doing things on time, sticking to your budget, and looking after your health. Money can be both the problem and solution under this retrograde cycle. So to sum it up here when Mercury is in Retrograde in earth sign it is typically good for re-evaluating your goals, it is also a really good time to get back down to earth and get more organized and disciplined in your daily routines.

During a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, we all will begin to start thinking more about how to achieve our goals. If you’ve been working hard on a project, this is the time to review it before you finish. This is also a very good time to take up again a project that you may have put on the back burner for a later date as well. During this retrograde in Capricorn, it is best to not take on too many responsibilities, this isn’t the time to lay any new groundwork as there is a fair chance that it will need to be redone, however, this is the perfect time to re-lay the groundwork and strategize steps you can take move forward once this time is done.