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June Element Reading

Happy June Everyone and welcome to Gemini Season. Each month ill be doing a quick element reading for all the 4 different element types (Earth, Fire, Air, and Water) just to help navigate the months a little bit easier. Though the readings are element specific they can apply to any part of your life so I would suggest keeping an open mind and heart and taking what resonates and leaving what doesn't. These are general readings but if you are looking to dive in a little further I would suggest booking a personal session to gain a bit more clarity.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

3 of pentacles + Voyage

3 is the number of creation. Pentacle energy can be related to physical labor, planting seeds, creating, prepping, collaborating

Air signs this month let's focus on our collaborations with others and creating new versions of success for yourselves. It's time to come out of your head and into the physical and begin to act on the things you have been planning and wishing to execute. this new phase of being is going to take you down a path of learning and obtaining a new set of skills. Let this be your opportunity to expand into new territories. Don’t be scared to share! Let this voyage take you on a new path to self-discovery and expansion. Now would be a good time to plant intentional seeds to be harvested. Remember the more you expand the more you become a better you. No more closing yourselves off from others and no more thinking you have to do things all alone. While we're in the social sign of Gemini's season be collaborative, I know you love to rely on your wit and your intelligence but let June be an opportunity to expand learning from others.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

3 of brooms(wands) + Flow

With the most recent astrological transits, I know it has greatly impacted water signs. These transits have brought about deep transformation and I know that is no easy task for water signs. I feel like this new path has taught you the importance of how to succumb to your feelings in a way where it feels like you're suffocating, but to use it in a way to help guide you to the highest path of self. A lot of inner work has been done for you all and I’m here to tell you that there is work that still needs to be done. But this month let's flow into those challenges and upgrades and not force them. You're on the right path and a lot of momentum and courage are surrounding you at this point encouraging you to keep learning, to keep going, and to keep transmuting. The 3 of brooms suggest growth and expansion but also serve as a reminder that it will take time. The fire energy that surrounds this card is what will fuel you to keep moving forward. Remember water signs flow not force! It may not feel like it but you're entering a new chapter in your being.

Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius)

The magician + Success

Fire signs this season has called for you to get a bit creative with the cards you've been dealt. I feel the circumstances that you are in may not be ideal for allowing your BIG infectious energy to shine, but as always you find a way to prevail and I feel like you will come out victorious from this as long as you don't let your ego to feel too bruised by this minor setback. This time is calling for you to get more creative and rely on skills other than your ego. What happens when you're stripped of the things you've grown accustomed to that allow you to get your way so easily? You've been successful in the past with this but I feel this time is calling for you to switch up your approach. You cant always have it your way and things won't always be a flawless victory for you. But that doesn't mean you spiral and throw a tantrum like a child. Let June be your month to create a new way! Step out of what you're used to and try a new way! As you know you know anything you touch turns to gold, so why succumb to the energy of defeat because you feel you aren't getting your way (for once) …

Get it together fire signs, you owe it to yourself.

Earth Signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus)

Queen of Cups + Stillness

The queen of cups is always a reminder of the maternal archetype. Earth signs the queen of cups is calling for us to take a moment to reflect, retreat and slow down a bit. As a fellow earth sign, it is naturally engrained in us to create and work and find areas where we can bring our skills to the forefront but I don't think we often realize how much that pressure and expectation to always be the ones to save the day takes a toll on us mentally and even emotionally. When we place that pressure and expectation on ourselves, we expect it of others to the point where we can at times become blind to all the value that people add to our lives. We can't keep expecting our approach to be the only approach possible to yield any sort of tangible results. Let this Queen of cups be a reminder to check in with ourselves and make moments of stillness to gain a different vantage point. Not everyone we meet will be like us, however, that doesn't mean that they don't add value. Earth signs let June be the month you begin to become consistent with being kinder to yourself so that we can begin to be kinder to those that love us enough to see past our small-mindedness.

Happy June everyone! And remember you have the ability to create the reality that you experience.

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