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Cancer Season - Inner Child Healing

Cancer in astrology is ruled by the moon (which represents the archetype of the mother) and governs the 4th house in astrology. The number 4 in numerology is all about structure and stability… The 4th house in astrology rules the family and elaborates on one’s origins and the stability and structures with which you encountered as children and presently as an adult. The 4th house calls for us to analyze our family structure and revisit who we were as children and how our family structures helped mold us into who we are today which is currently being represented by the cardinal water sign of cancer.

In cancer season it is not uncommon for a lot of unhealed family wounds to be present once again. Many things that we have buried and are unwilling to address typically comes to light also in cancer season which is all tied to our upbringing and the way that we were nurtured and cared for as children. What I have found in navigating cancer season is just how much we have suppressed from our childhood which we both consciously and unconsciously remember (which is a form of trauma). These feelings continue with us unaddressed and create deeper wounds that we are often unconscious of. When we think of children, children are molded by the influence of those around them and essentially become products of their upbringing and environment. Our relationship with our family is extremely influential in who we are today and the types of relationships that we cultivate both romantically and platonically.

How we give and receive love is a primary reflection of the nurturing we received or didn’t receive in our early stages in life. Our belief in ourselves and the energy with which we navigate in acting out our dreams and desires is a direct reflection of the way we were nurtured and cared for as children. I bring these examples up to begin to help you unpack the energy that surrounds cancer season. A lot of us bury and suppress who we once were as kids instead of carrying that energy with us moving forward and using it in a way that allows us to cultivate our passions and act on them with that same spirit of innocence and naivete. I’m learning more and more each day to remain “childlike”. Now when I speak of being childlike I don’t mean that in the aspect of acting childish. What I mean by that is to continue to have that innocence in my spirit that allows me to manifest and operate from my highest sense of self. Not allowing my past of the things the world around me to taint my spirit, keeping my spirit light and innocent so that it can be molded by God and navigated by spirit.

I iterate the importance of cancer season and unpacking who we once were as children

because inner child healing plays a major role in the life we feel we deserve to live as an adult. We speak of manifesting abundance and cultivating relationships that are meaningful and living a life of purpose and all of that I believe begins when you are born into this world

and through time and life experiences we slowly drift away from that innocence and from the mindset that we can truly live a life that we desire to live. In order to fully move forward, we have to unpack the past. And by unpacking the past we make space for a lighter and brighter future. Below I have linked some resources to begin to navigate the energy that surrounds us during this time. I want to encourage everyone to be brave enough to explore your inner child. Revisiting the past can oftentimes reopen wounds that we think we have healed but remember the only way out is through and suppression does not equate to healing and being healed. Trust the signs and what the universe is calling forth for you to heal. Remember it is all for the greater good of you! The work doesn’t stop after this month and after the journal prompts and the reading, you will continue to work through a lot of this work but what I hope you all will gain from this is a better sense of self, and the freedom to approach life with the energy that has always been living inside of you. Again we can only be as good to others as we are to ourselves, and we all deserve to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

I will link below some resources for you all for this month:

1 of them is a subscription to an only fans inner child workshop course provided by Imani Cohen (aka The Hood Healer). This course played a HUGE role in my inner child work. The writing prompts are extremely thorough and require you to dig deep and get to the root of your healing. The subscription is one that I am subscribed to currently and use when I need to check-in and do my own work and I would highly recommend it to everyone that has supported me and my business. If you decide to subscribe reach out and let me know and I can tell you all how to find the journal prompts. Because it is only fans they ban certain words from being used on the platform and one of those words would be “child”.


I will also introduce the book club at this time. The book that I am recommending for this month will be The Drama of The Gifted Child: The Search For The True Self” by Alice Miller”. In the months ahead I will be recommending some books to help go along with the themes for the month to help us hone in on the energy. And at the end of the month, we can meet via a zoom link or Instagram live to discuss our thoughts on the book and what we took away from it. Moving forward what I want to do is be able to build the bookstore addition to the shop so I will be adding the books as the months come ahead for you all to be able to purchase here with us. But until then I will list a link below for you all to be able to purchase the book (at a reasonable price point) if you’re interested.

Link To Purchase The Book:

Happy healing everyone and I look forward to talking with you all about this month’s topics!

Questions to consider as you navigate this month :

  • Do you remember the innocence you once carried as a child?

  • Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid?

  • What are some hobbies and passions that you had as a kid?

  • What was your primary example of nurturing growing up and how has that affected your ability to nurture yourself and others?

  • What is your current relationship with the people that cared for you as a child? How does that relationship mirror the ones you have with others?

  • If you could tell your inner child something what would it be?

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