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August Zodiac Reading

Happy August everyone and Happy Leo Season! When the sun is in Leo we have the opportunity to shine with pride! Ruled by the Sun, Leos are a fixed fire sign. Fire signs show us the areas in our lives where we can add that passion and intensity. Leos represented by the lion reminds us how to stand with pride and confidence. Let this season be an opportunity for you to be confident in all you are and let that confidence help be the fuel that lights your inner fire!

As always these readings can apply to any aspect of your astrological chart, approach these messages with an open mind and open heart. If you would like to go a bit deeper you can always book a 1 on 1 session with me and we can explore these topics a little bit further.

*These readings go based on the order of the zodiac starting with the current zodiac season that we are in*


“Wheel of fortune + Courage”

Happy Leo season Leo's! The sun is now in your sign which is a time to thrive and bask in all your glory. The cards that were pulled for you all this season are the wheel of fortune and courage. Leo’s this is your season but for some reason, I feel a lot of you all are not really standing firmly in your glory. I think for a lot of you the tides are high, there were a lot of unexpected changes in your lives in cancer season, and I feel that this change that has come through has been affecting your confidence a bit. Leo’s are known to be prideful and show us all that you can literally manifest anything as long as you believe in yourself but for some reason, I’m getting that a lot of you all are doubting the very thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. Don’t let your pride get in the way Leo’s! You cant always be up and manifesting with ease. This season is calling for you all to get more authentic and cultivate things that are within alignment with you are were always destined to be. You’ve manifested a lot of things yes, but were they really true to whom you feel you are at the core? I don’t think so… See the thing with pride Leos is that it inflates your ego, and times like this show that when you don’t get your way you feel hopeless… Let this be a lesson for you all. The wheel of fortune here is showing you that the tides are turning in your favor, and to approach this season of transition with the same courage that you have approached all the other seasons with. It may feel like you’re not winning but trust me you are. Spirit is shaking things up a bit for you all and putting you in a position to teach others how to lead the pack authentically! Embrace this change with courage Leo’s and trust that things are falling apart to fall back together for your greater good.


“Four of Swords + Patience”

Happy Leo Season Virgos. The theme I’m getting for you all is patience and surrender this Leo season. We all know that when we need to get things done and executed we can rely on a Virgo. I need you all to take a break though, you are literally mentally burning yourself out! Four of swords here is reminding you all not to be so hard on yourself mentally. You have many abilities and executing a plan is one of them but no one likes being around a Virgo that doesn’t get their way! A lot of you are in the process of building something truly great for yourself but the preparation and process have taken a toll on you mentally. Be patient with yourselves and with the process, let this Leo season be an opportunity for you all to bask in all the glory that you have cultivated thus far, taking a moment to stop and smell the roses will allow you to release some of that mental anguish that you have been carrying around with you. Don’t burn yourselves out before you get this project off the ground. Be patient with yourselves and with the process Virgos!


“10 of Wands + New Beginnigs”

Happy Leo Season Libras! This Leo season is all about balance and new beginnings for you all. The number 10 represents the completion of a cycle, and the 10 of wands here suggest that you all have worked to get to a space where you can create a newfound sense of stability for yourselves but I feel this stability that you have manifested for yourselves is requiring more out of you than what you originally intended to give… I think you all are beginning to see that this commitment comes with a lot more responsibilities and is amplifying your lack of balance and boundaries. The 10 of wands here serves as a reminder of how much we take on in our lives and all the extra burdens and responsibilities we weigh ourselves down with. Don’t take on more responsibilities than what you can handle at this time Libras, adding more to your plate will only continue to exhaust you and further push you away from your goals. Is what you’re doing even in agreement with what you actually want to be doing? I don’t think that it is…The new beginnings here is an opportunity for you all to assess where you are and how the things you have cultivated are truly making you feel. Yes, you have responsibilities but what is it costing you to maintain this “new” lifestyle? Is it adding value or taking value away? Balance libra, BALANCE! Stop and examine your current lifestyle and work, assess which activities or tasks are truly important in relation to your broader goals, and make adjustments accordingly. Embrace this opportunity to create new beginnings for how you want to move forward and for what matters the most to you. You got this!


Ace of Swords (reversed) + Purity

Happy Leo Season Scorpios! This Leo season is asking you to clarify your purpose and intention. Typically the Ace of swords upright reflects someone that is mentally strong and clear on their purpose and intention, however, this being reversed is letting me know that you all still have some work to do. It feels like a lot of you all are still unsure of what it is your purpose here is and what it is that you actually want to be doing. A lot of this has to do with your fixed energy. You all get so fixated on one thing and don’t see anything beyond your limited scope of view. The purity here is reminding you all to clear out the old and make way for the new. Clearing will gift you the clarity you need to redefine your goals purpose and intention and give you an opportunity to make realistic goals and tasks that you can accomplish. The ace of swords here is acknowledging the mental fog that you have been carrying with you for a while now and Purity is your reminder to get clear! Get clear about what you truly want and what you truly need and watch how the universe will show up for you.


“Three of Cups (reversed) + Adventures”

Happy Leo Season Sagittarius! This Leo season is reminding you all the let your hair down again and have some fun. I feel a lot of you all have been in isolation recently which is shocking for you all. I’m sensing some level of disappointment somewhere in your lives whether that be a career, romance, or finances that’s just put you in a little bit of a funk feeling extremely unfulfilled and unmotivated. Remember you teach us all the importance of adventure and seeking the thrill of life. You will bounce back Sagittarius! Put yourself back out there the time is now. The very thing you have been avoiding may gift you the opportunity to get out of your current circumstances. Adventures are opportunities for new blessings and gifts and I feel this newfound adventure and fun will bring about a lot more blessings than you may have intended. Be open to being surprised!


“King of Pentacles + Community”

Happy Leo Season Capricorns! This Leo season is looking abundant for you all. King of pentacles coming us suggests that abundance, security, stability, and power are all on the horizon for you all. This is a beautiful opportunity fresh out of cancer season. Capricorns have been doing the work! Digging deep, transmuting, and creating new paths for themselves. This abundance that’s coming in will allow you to be impactful to those around you. King of pentacles is putting you in a position to share your knowledge, wealth, and wisdom with others. Embrace this position and share the knowledge with others on how you got to this newfound sense of abundance Capricorns! Let your light shine bright this Leo season you deserve it. When you are operating from your optimal self life shows you just how endless the possibilities are for you.


“The Star + Abundance”

Happy Leo Season Aquarius! This Leo season is giving you all the opportunity to create new abundance for yourselves. Cancer season has shown you all that the answers have always been within you. The deeper you go within the more you discover just how expansive you truly are. Leo season is gifting you the opportunity to reinvent yourselves. The star card in the tarot deck represents the sign of Aquarius so this coming out for you all is a great sign! If you needed a sign to move forward and create new opportunities for yourselves this is it. Abundance is on the horizon but only through self-exploration and listening to the voice within to help guide you on the path that has always been forged for you all. You all have been through a tough period, and the energy surrounding what you have been working through feels a bit heavy, but let this spread be your reminder that brighter days are ahead. You’ve done a lot of work with regard to trusting the inner voice now is the time to put that into action and co-create with the universe your heart’s truest desires.


“Three of Wands + Flexibility”

Happy Leo Season Pisces! This Leo season is feeling like preparation for you all. I’m getting that a lot of you all are in the process of watering seeds that you have planted during your season, your goals and desires haven’t quite come to fruition but you are on the horizon of getting to an abundant season for yourselves. This Leo season is teaching you how to expand your horizons and be a lot more flexible with getting to the finish line. Don’t jump ship quite yet you still have things to learn. The flexibility here is reminding you to stay open to learning new ways to get to the same goal. Three of wands is an opportunity for expansion and taking your ideas and plans to bigger heights than what you may have originally dreamt of. Be patient and remain a student of the process.

Aries :

“The Magician + Miracles”

Happy Leo Season Aries! This Leo season feels like you all are creating new opportunities for yourselves. The magician shows you that we can create the reality that we wish to exist in and serves as a reminder to believe in the magic that lies within you. You all are entering a new cycle in your lives and spirit is here to remind you all that miracles lie ahead on this new path for you. Stay focused, Stay on the course you are on the right path! And don’t forget that the magic lies within you!


“Four of wands + Fulfillment”

Happy Leo Season Taurus! This month looks like it’s calling for you to focus on the simple things in life. Overworking and stressing yourself out while in the midst of creating a new way for yourself pulls you further and further away from recognizing all the beauty that lies within and around you. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses, true fulfillment comes from honoring where we are in the present moment. The number four in numerology is also a number of stability and structures, if you have been working on a project or thinking of starting a passion project the energy that surrounds your sign at this time to move forward with it or that you are on the right path and that this venture will bring you much success and fulfillment. Four wands here is also suggesting that this space is ushering in growth and expansion. I think taking a moment to rest and reflect and practice gratitude makes space for bigger and better blessings to come through. Go easy on yourselves this Leo season Taurus!


“Ace of Pentacles + Power”

Happy Leo season Gemini’s! This Leo season feels like you’re stepping into new opportunities with a newfound sense of self. Any time we see the ace in tarot it is represented by the number 1 which is the number for new beginnings. With that being paired with the pentacle this could be new opportunities for abundance, new career paths, or opportunities and advancements in other areas of your material lives. Leo season brings out the best in you all as it’s a time to showcase all of your talents and skills. No more playing it small, no more taking opportunities that are beneath you, now is the time for you all to stand in your power. The ace here is showing reminding you all that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to and that success and fulfillment are right around the corner. Trust in your divine power and share the gifts you have with the world. We love this energy for you all. The goal is to get you to embrace this energy on a more consistent basis, hence the power card. Stand in it! it doesn’t go anywhere, it stays with you as long as you make it your business to recognize it.


“Page of pentacles + Flow”

Happy Leo Season Cancer! This month is calling for you all to practice flowing and not forcing. Page of pentacles here is reminding us to remain a student to the process. Feels like you are leveling up in certain aspects of your life but as the cardinal sign that you are you are trying to control every step of the level up. FLOW CANCER FLOW! Forcing will only delay the process and keep you in a spiral of repeating patterns and lessons over and over again. Whenever we see the Paige card in tarot it serves as a reminder of the energy we need to embrace at this current stage in our lives and that energy here is a novice teen ready to take on life’s challenges and obstacles with a mind that remains open and expansive. Embrace new beginnings cancer. Though you may be new to this it is best that you remain enthusiastic, committed, and devoted until you get to the end result. As you learn to flow through this process you also gift yourself with the insight into what it truly means to surrender which I feel has been the missing piece to your manifestations. Keep going, keep pushing! You’re on the right path.

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